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Why India?

India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. In pace with globalization and technological revolution, India offers a conducive business environment for the foreign enterprises.

Indian Economy at a Glance

  • World’s most attractive destination for offshore business processing (Source: A T Kearney Report)

  • Amongst the leading entrepreneurial hotbeds globally. (Red Herring clubs India with Israel)

  • Highest rates of returns on investment- Profitability of US investments in India: 19.33% in 2000 (Source: US Department of Commerce)

  • 1st in the world for Prevalence of foreign technology licensing (Source: Global Competitive Report)

  • 2nd largest English-speaking population

  • 2nd Rank for availability of scientists and engineers

  • 3rd (NSE) and 5th (BSE) largest Stock Exchanges in terms of number of trades

  • 4th largest economy, in terms of purchasing power parity

  • 9th Rank for Quality of management schools

  • 10th most Industrialized economy

  • 12th Rank for Firm level Innovation

  • 255 Fortune 500 companies getting services

  • Youngest population in the world, with about 50 per cent of people having been born after 1982

  • Well developed banking system and highest resilience power

  • Strong and independent judicial system

  • Strong pool of scientific and technical manpower. Prowess of IITs, IIMs well known

  • High-quality, cost-effective and competitive manpower (Over 100,000 IT professionals added every year)