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Right of Copyright Owner

  • Your logo, style, font, get-up, color, scheme of your brand name cannot be copied by any other business firm.

  • The registration certificate is valid for lifetime of the Proprietor of the brand name.

  • If the Copyrighted work is infringed it is a cognizable offence i.e. one can directly file a police complaint to stop the misuse of the work.

  • If the Copyright Registration is done, the complaint / civil suit can be filed at the place where the owner of the Copyright is situated.
    For Example: if you are situated at Mumbai and some other person is copying your brand name at, say New Delhi. You can file a case at Mumbai. The person who has infringed your brand name will have to appear at the court at Mumbai.

  • To reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium including electronic means.

  • To perform the work in public, or communicate it to the public.

  • To make any cinematograph film or sound recording in respect of the work.

  • To make any translation of the work.

  • In case of computer programme the rights also includes to sell or give on hire, any copy of the computer programme

How to publicize my claim to Copyright?

All copyright work should be marked with the International Copyright symbol ©, "All rights reserved" or with the word Copyright, the name of the owner and the date or year the work was created, thus: © BMC 2009. "All rights reserved"